Thursday, July 19, 2012

Princess Courtney's Bad Day by R.Scott VanKirk

Princess Courtney’s Bad Day by R. Scott VanKirk
Format:  Nook and Kindle
Pages:  54
Publisher:  Self published
Publication date:  3/12/2012
Price: Free!!

Being a princess in the magical land of Loo can be fun. All princesses of Loo can speak with animals. This can be fun, useful and interesting, but sometimes, it can bring about problems for a wayward princess.

I got this book because my name is Courtney, and I’m still a big kid at heart.  I adore this book.  This book is a cute little tale about a little melodramatic princess just having one of those days. This book has it all princesses, talking animals, and mythical creatures.  I thought I would be a perfect to read to children as a bed time story.  

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